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But why TikTok? The answer is leverage. When you post a video on TikTok, you have the highest probablity of getting a lot of views. That means a lot of commission. On TikTok, followers don’t matter - it’s all about the content.

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Get Inspired

It’s really easier than you think! It’s all about the video. Take a look at two types of videos you can post.

Explainer Video

To make an awesome explainer video, all you have to do is talk about your favourite features and show the lamp off.

Showcase Video

A show-case style video is all about creating something which is aesthetically pleasing. If done correctly, they can get a lot of views.

Here are a few of our best tips

Make sure your lighting is great

When it comes to video, lighting is king. If you’re going to spend some time doing anything make it lighting. Play around with your lights, open some curtains and do what you believe is best.

Keep it engaging

Don’t spend too long on each shot, add some fun elements in. Basically, don’t give your potential viewers the opportunity to even think about getting bored.

Make sure your lighting is great

Take a look at some of our videos above, or browse TikTok to see what others are liking. The perfect video is a mix of inspiration and execution.

Captions and hashtags

You don’t want to forget a caption or hashtags. They can help viewers decide if the video is for them and help TikTok deliver your video to the right people.

Think about your sound

The sound you choose on TikTok is like the score to your movie. It can totally take everything to the next level if you choose correctly. Play around, and pick the one that you feel is best.